Ever wondered what it would be like to own property on the beautiful Gulf Coast? Here, you will find answers to the questions we hear most.

Why should I use a local lender? My hometown banker will loan me as much as I need.

Lenders that we use here along the coast are very familiar with the unique nature of coastal properties. Flood zones and mandatory insurance for single family homes and association policies for condominiums can throw a kink into a lender who is not familiar with the properties in our area.

Can rental income pay for my vacation property?

That depends! As your agent, we will prepare cash flow estimates based on real numbers to evaluate your gross rental income and your carrying costs. Even with low interest rates, the net income will likely not fully cover your purchase. We see it like this: Vacation renters are helping you pay for your property. And in the current market, your property is appreciating every year.

When are you available?

Our friendly and knowledgeable Realtors are available 7 days a week. Even in our busiest season, a team member is almost always available to answer your questions and show you property. You can contact us here, or on our property search page, http://www.leighmcphersonteam.com